I don’t know who invented scrapbooking, But it was probably for me. I just love all this cutting, pasting, stamping etc… Handmade stuff. So doing the branding for Unfortunately with all this editing I barely find time to do any at all. But when it came to design the packaging for my lovely couples. I had to find a way to make it unique. Isn’t it nice when after waiting for your film you finally received a lovely box with you story wrapped in Blue, Kraft, ribbons ? I use a stamp with my logo to create my personalized DVD cases. The ones for the families. stamped Then I create a handmade ‘thank you’ card with the couple initial, using, stamp, and embossing powder, ribbons and embelishement. cards I place the couple’s DVD is this beautiful handmade folio with their name embossed. Wedding DVD folio   I wrap everything in Blue… in the box   And your box is ready to go with some sweetness from wherever I am in the world when I ship it!  🙂 box   I hope you like the special attention.

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