I was so thrilled when Kirsty contacted me to do her wedding film at Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa in Anguilla, as her sister Kirsten and her husband Kenroy was my first couple. It was nice to see that the family liked my work. I only met Chin a few days before the wedding, and when we talked about their story, I heard most of it from Kirsty’s words. But on the wedding day Chin shared it with us with so much genuineness, that I could not help but using his fantastic speeches in the film. Sometimes there is so many great things happening during a wedding day, that making choices can be very tricky. That was the case with this one, so many great footage and speeches left that I wish I could have included. this is one of my favorite story! It was a lot of joy for me to see the family re-unite again on such joyful event, they are so much fun.
Kirsten and Kenroy I had to put you guys in the film, thanks again for trusting me in my debut.
Kirsty and Chin I wish all the happiness in the world.
Thumbs up to Gaf, thanks for your precious help as always.

At Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa, Anguilla BWI.