Wrapped in Blue is excited to now offer full service for weddings and events. Look no further, you can now have both your photos and films provided by the same amazing company!

Through years of experience in cinematography, Wrapped in Blue offers the same storytelling quality in still images. We are passionate about capturing beautiful images, whether film or photography.

On a busy wedding day, it’s necessary that the cinematographer and photographer are able to work together. Both have important jobs to do and it’s imperative to have a relationship with each other. Having one company offer both Photography and Film services allows you to get the best results possible.

Wrapped in Blue has recently partnered with an amazing photographer, Caroline Ross. Besides her incredible talent and great personality, she is professional, reliable and fun and embodies the spirit of Wrapped in Blue. Caroline and Aurielle met while shooting a wedding in Anguilla and immediately bonded. They appreciate each others talent and art and always keep the satisfaction of the couple in mind when shooting.

Caroline Ross is an internationally recognized wedding and portrait photographer. With the belief that images capturing the emotion and experiences of your wedding day should be as enduring as they are beautiful, Caroline forgoes trendy fads for the sake of elegant, everlasting photography to be enjoyed for decades to come.