I am a storyteller. I create films that engage, captivate, and connect with the audience. I want the viewer to be part of the adventure. This is why I put my creativity to the service of captivating emotion and telling compelling stories.

Wrapped in Blue is a full service film studio. We are a small team but we deliver stunning results. We cover all aspects of the production from concept to post production, and we use all of the tools required to deliver to our clients a very high quality film.

When it comes to wedding, we believe that every couple, no matter the age, culture etc…, has their very own story and unique relationship. we can portray that with our films in a much more memorable way than a generic wedding video. We have the gift of storytelling!!

A video may capture the events, but we can capture the emotions, the looks and the defining moment.

We believe that everybody has a story! Let us tell yours!

Aurielle Jioya